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Gela 2


Hisab (Excerpt): Stop-action animation, acrylic on a single canvas, 7' 56"

Acquisition: Paris National collection / Cnap


This animation is inspired by an Ethiopian urban folktale. It was documented as part of a larger story collection project; Story project; supported by the Dondis A. Dondis Travel Fellowship, from Massachusetts College of Art.

In the story there are three characters: a dog, a donkey and a goat (common residents of the city of Addis Ababa). Each character joins a shared taxi ride. The goat (the "-") does not pay the taxi fare, the donkey (the "0") pays the exact taxi fare and the dog (the "+") overpays. The story concludes, to this day, dogs run after taxis (to ask for their change back), goats run away (afraid to be asked for what they owe) and the donkeys block the road (believing they are even).

To make this animation I'm using paint on a single canvas. After painting a scene I take a picture of the finished work using a still camera that is connected to a computer. Each frame was painted on top of the previous one, each scene triggering the following scene. This method of combining traditional and modern mediums (paint, and digital video) allowed me to keep the past while moving forward.

Addis Ababa is in transformation. Communities are disappearing and new ones are forming. I personalized the story by using my own autography such as the neighborhoods I grew up in as a back ground. Voice actors are local residents, friends and relatives. The story is not significant. It is usually told in a casual atmosphere: a cafe, a store, the street or any ordinary place. In this piece I strive to retell and reexamine the passing by in the everyday.

Screening Cher Cher Godana, Addis Ababa

Screening Film Deresden International Short Film Festival





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